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Economic and practical solutions to all kinds of technical and practical problems of all farm animals.

Preventive and Curative Service

In order to prevent any potential diseases, the vaccination, disinfection and anticoccidial schedules are arranged. When encountered with any diseases, we are provided practical solution for the treatment of the disease any time.


Mixed Feed Formulation Service

In order to ensure the optimum feed intake, the most economic feed formulations are offered to our customers by considering their existing animal nutrient requirements and existing raw material nutrient content and their prices.


Feed Production Process Service

In order to eliminate the problems which may occur during the mixed feed production we are provided our solution offers to identify the feed process errors that can be effect the animal performance negatively. In addition we are made recommendations towards improving the existing process.


Poultry Management Service

In order to eliminate errors by considering the status required equipment in the hen houses such as ventilation, temperature, gas density, light intensity and the others; solutions presented  by our experts and also advices towards improvement of existing poultry management are provided.