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About Us

DSA provides feed, premixes, concentrates and additives to the world. We have presence in 15 countries and growing each day. Together we help our customers thrive by applying our experience. Established in 2006 by the leading people of the animal nutrition sector. Our company holds the title of Turkey's first and biggest integrated complex premix plant with compound feed, premix and organic feed facilities. An improved new system has been presented to the market by supporting know-how with technological developments.

Five production facilities are located in our complex structure with the total area of 10.000 square meters and indoor area of 8.000 square meters. Complex premix and compound feed facilities each produce at 40 Tons/Hr. Organic feed section produce feed at 10 Tons/Hr. Feed additives unit produce 10 Tons/Hr. R&D feed facility produce at 200 Kgs/Hr. See our specialized product range each optimized for the needs of your animals. For further information you can contact us through info@dsa-tr.com