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How to Achieve Proper Egg Yolk Color

Color of Egg Yolk

BAKO-ROT 1% is an additive used in feed to obtain the desired yellow color in eggs. It is used as a sensory feed additive (2a161g) for pigmentation of food of animal origin. It is also used as a zootechnical additive for stabilization of reproductive performance in poultry feeds.

BAKO-ROT 1% usage rates depend on the species and the degree of pigmentation required. The maximum amount of canthaxanthin allowed in feeds for the suitable species are as follows:

Laying hens and breeder poultry 8mg / kg

Broiler Chickens 25mg / kg

Ornamental fish and birds 100mg / kg

When astaxanthin and canthaxanthin are used together in fish meal, the maximum combined content in the feed is 100 ppm. In all poultry feed, the maximum combination of canthaxanthin and other carotenoids is 80mg / kg.

Golden Yellow Can Only Come From A Healthy Chicken

We all have the "right" color idea for an egg yolk. This varies around the world depending on geographic location, cultural context, and local traditions. However, consumers around the world agree that golden yellow always comes from a healthy chicken. And they want egg yolks with a darker orange color. Consumers around the world are increasingly aware of the importance of healthy foods. They know that golden yellow is the sign of a fresh egg from a healthy chicken. Proper breeding, nutrition and BAKO-ROT offers eye-catching egg yolk worldwide.

You can download the product manual for more detailed information. → Bako-Rot

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